PIPO Systems is a technology company developing innovative solutions for sustainable development.
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As of 6 pm on 6 September 2012, by means of our advanced proprietary technology, PIPO Systems is now the world leader in the design and construction of buoys equipped with multiple generators and supplementary converters that harness the wave energy present in the planet’s seas and oceans.
Following extensive ocean trials of the first tri-volumetric APC -PISYS system, which PIPO Systems patented in 2002, we are developing the world's first system capable of simultaneously capturing the three most important natural forces present in the ocean.

Wave energy is the harnessing the kinetic and potential energies in wave action to produce electricity. The first such converter was patented in France in 1799. But since then the development of the technology has been slow due to the enormous costs involved. This is a subjective vision of the slow overall progress that this energy source has had.

The initial data for assessing wave energy at a given point in the sea is usually done using measurement buoys located near the area of study, which in our case are locations near Spanish government port areas. However when more precise measurements are needed the standard procedure involves high-resolution spatial bathymetry and technical and economic analysis of the potential wave energy at the chosen location.

The APC-PISYS System, created and patented by PIPO Systems, is the first and only tri-volumetric system for the multiple harnessing and complementary transformation of wave energy.

The innovative APC-PISYS concept is based on the original ideas of Abel Cucurella and has been produced using precision engineering. The system can provide a near three-fold increase over the energy produced by the best single wave energy systems existing today.