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12/09/2012| Abel Cucurella

As of 6 pm on 6 September 2012, by means of our advanced proprietary technology, PIPO Systems is now the world leader in the design and construction of buoys equipped with multiple generators and supplementary converters that convert the wave energy present in the planet’s seas and oceans.

Combining the best means for saltwater purification with the most advanced wave energy conversion system results in the cleanest, most sustainable method for desalinization by reverse osmosis, where only the most modern desalination plants will receive more attention than their users.

While reverse osmosis is effective in diluting and dispersing the salt present in seawater, the biggest drawback of using this technology for seawater desalination remains its high rate of conventional energy consumption, which is approximately 4 kilowatt hours per cubic meter. Consequently, only those systems that have achieved significant reductions in the consumption of traditionally generated electricity have achieved major breakthroughs in this marine technology.

The European Commission has issued a community declaration called "Blue Growth" which highlights the promising indications for economic growth and employment in new sectors such as wave energy generation. Among various other uses, this energy can be applied to the seawater desalination.

Progressive cost reductions will accelerate the development of marine renewables. The communications from the European Commission (EC) describe how the member states are already driving the blue economy in five specific areas which have great potential for growth in which a few straightforward and appropriate measures can serve to spur much needed job creation and economic growth.

Advanced proprietary technologies, with their potential for innovation and which are evolving at the pace of new market demand, can be applied to a wide range of products becoming suppliers to both technical and mass market products, such as cosmetics, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biofuels.

Researchers from the Universities of Exeter (UK) and Tel Aviv (Israel) are developing wave point absorbers, which, when duly enhanced with the APC-PISYS technology from PIPO Systems, could multiply the current capabilities of generation and conversion of offshore renewable energy.