APC-PISYS is an innovative concept for converting the power of ocean waves. Based on the multiple harnessing of potential and kinetic energies as well as the pressure present in waves, APC-PISYS can be described as a system for multiple harnessing and complemented conversion of wave energy.

Main project objectives:

Marine technology demonstration of the APC-PISYS system.
Application of this technology to oceanographic buoys.

Key features

APC-PISYS is a wave power converter, designed by PIPO Systems and is comprised of the following main parts:

Surface buoys
Variable volume submerged buoy
Positioning buoy
Mechanical Transmission System
Anchoring and mooring systems

The system operates using two buoys: a surface buoy, shown in yellow in the adjacent diagram, and a submerged buoy of variable volume, shown in red. Both buoys are connected by a hawser, which are pulled through windlass by the force of buoyancy. The windlass converts the linear movement of the hawser into rotary motion, which is subsequently converted to a single direction.
Buoys always move in opposite directions, simultaneously increasing in force and the distance traveled.
The third positioning buoy, shown in green, is moored to the ocean floor at a constant depth and contains the control, power generation and measurement systems.
Oceanographic monitoring systems are located inside a compartment in the surface buoy as well as in certain external media.